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The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute provides Montessori Teacher Education Courses hosted in Montessori schools located in the Greater Toronto area, Canada. The Institute has been granted full MACTE Accreditation for the Early Childhood Diploma Courses offered within each location in the Greater Toronto Area. The Institute is also proud to offer International Teacher Education Programs.


The Founder, Director and Master Teacher



Dr. Daniel Jutras is the Institute's Director who for the last 20+ years has prepared over 1850 Montessori teachers and tutored Montessori Courses and Workshops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Québec City, England, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Poland and Hanoi, Viet Nam. Daniel Jutras has a Ph.D. in Education from Ottawa U., an AMI diploma (3-6+) from Perugia, Italy; his Instructor and mentor was the late Antonietta Paolini who worked with Dr. Maria Montessori for 22 years, and a St.Nicholas Montessori Advanced diploma (6-12) from England.


Institute Faculty in the GTA


Daniel Jutras is the founder of the Institute. Ph.D. in Education (Ottawa 1979), he has received his Montessori Diploma (3-6+) from AMI from Perugia, Italy, (1987) (his trainer was the late Antonietta Paolini who worked with Dr. Maria Montessori for more than 22 years as her special assistant) and his Elementary (6 to 12) from Montessori St.Nicholas Centre in England. Since 1989, he has prepared thousands of Montessori Teacher Candidates, tutored Montessori Teacher Education Workshops in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America and gives lectures regularly in international Montessori conferences. Daniel is assisted by members of Faculty who became Master teacher Trainers after a training of 5 years; all hold Montessori Diplomas and University credentials.
Matthieu Jutras is working for the Institute as the web developer, administrative officer and also as an assistant trainer in Ottawa. Matthieu has completed his Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Training with the Institute; his first experience with Montessori has been as a child in a Montessori school in Haïti and later in Perugia, Italy.
Julie Armstrong has been a member of the CMTEI Faculty since 2008 and is now a Montessori Master Teacher Trainer. She obtained a B.A. in Child Psychology (1997), her ECE in 1998 and her Montessori Diploma (3-6+) in 2008. Julie is Casa Directress in a bilingual school in Brantford growing everyday with children. She is licensed Kindermusik Instructor.
Sara Liu received her B.A. in journalism in 1990 and her Montessori Diploma (3-6+) in 2003. Since 2006, Sara is working at the Institute as a Montessori Master Teacher Trainer. Sara is a Casa Directress and school supervisor in a school in Markham. She instills in her children a love for life, a love for self and a love for learning.

Anahita Faroogh holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and received from CMTEI her Montessori Diploma in the year 2003. She owns 3 Montessori schools in Markham and enjoys teaching children as a Casa Montessori Directress.  Anahita is a Certified Children Yoga instructor as well. Anahita has been working at the institute since 2010 and is a Montessori Master Teacher Trainer.

Katherine Schweizer has been working with children of various ages since 1990. She began her career in education working with developmentally challenged children then children from Montessori classrooms from Casa through grade 8th. Katherine has obtained a degree from Ryerson University in Social Work (1987) and both Montessori Diplomas (3-6+) (1991) and Elementary (6-12) (2001). She has owned and operated a Montessori school for 10 years in Toronto. Katherine is at CMTEI since 2001 as Elementary Montessori Master Teacher Trainer.
Jayanthi Rajagopalan joined the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute in 2000 and has been a Master Teacher at our East York location. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology (1981) and obtained her International Montessori Diploma from London Montessori Centre, UK in 1999. Jayanthi is the Founder Director of Abacus Montessori that offers an authentic Montessori program for children at the Casa as well as Elementary level. She brings her vast experience in Montessori education as well as school management to the students she teaches. Jayanthi also regularly conducts parent seminars and presents at Montessori conferences in the US.
Chrissy Sadowski has both her Montessori Diploma (3-6+) (2008) and Elementary I (2011) from CMTEI. She has a B.A. in Communications (2002) and Broadcasting, Television & Film Diploma (2004). Chrissy is the owner of Garden City Montessori School in St-Catherines and is currently tutoring. Her tutoring program is geared at Elementary children to help promote literacy and Mathematics. Chrissy is at CMTEI since 2010 as Instructor at the Elementary becoming a Montessori Master Teacher Trainer.
So Jin Jung joined CMTEI in 2010 as Teaching Practice Coordinator. Coming from South Korea in 1988, So Jin obtained her B.A. form U. of T. She received her training from CMTEI at both Casa (2004) and Elementary I (2006). She worked as Casa Directress and acted as mentor for many new teachers working in a Montessori schools. So Jin works with all Teacher candidates, Casa and Elementary for their Internship.


Jocelyne Martel - Guidance Counselor

Silvia Diaz Alusio - Master Teacher, Mississauga

Julie Lyras - Master Teacher - Montreal-East, QC

Fay Sequeira - Master Teacher - Winnipeg, MB

Pascale Quirion - Master Teacher - Quebec City, QC

Stéphanie Daigle- Assistant Trainer - Quebec City, QC

Somayeh Javanbakht- Assistant Trainer - Ottawa, ON

Zahra Fatima Kara- Assistant Trainer - East York, Toronto, ON


Statement of purpose



The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute is an organization committed:

  • to promote the highest standards in the education of children through teacher preparation as per the MACTE standards;

  • to provide children with the best possible Montessori teachers who respect each child and can support each child's  needs, who apply the necessary tools to foster the child's growth and development while providing "hand-on" experiences that will encourage the child to develop a lifelong love and enthusiasm for discovery and learning;

  • to prepare leaders who affirm and promote the essential goodness, dignity and freedom of all human beings;

  • to provide the teacher candidates with a thorough understanding on the "Secret of Childhood";

  • to help them gain insights into the true nature of  child development;

  • to model the use of developmentally appropriate Montessori materials, and

  • to demonstrate how respect for the child's inner teacher  serves as the integrating principle for effective childhood education.

Our purpose in providing education for teachers is:

  • to develop teacher candidates into competent Montessori teachers well versed in the philosophical theory and practical application of all aspects of Montessori teaching;
  • to uphold standards of excellence in meeting the educational needs of the people who are committed to fostering the interests of the child through the Montessori's philosophical and practical approach to education.

Aims of the courses



Our aim is to provide teacher candidates with opportunities and resources to gain the necessary knowledge and practical experience to pursue a career as "First Class" qualified Montessori teachers. The need for Montessori well trained teachers continues to grow all over the planet. Just convince yourself by consulting Montessori websites.

The Canadian Montessori Teachers Education Institute's commitment is to:

  • keep Montessori philosophy and respect for children central to its purpose;
  • provide an in-depth study of the Montessori constructivist Concept of education; 
  • provide an optimal preparation in the practical personalized ways in which this concept can be implemented effectively in early childhood and in elementary;
  • provide high quality education for future Montessori teachers using Montessori’s approach, materials and curriculum;
  • provide the teacher candidates with knowledge + practical skills relevant to the needs of the child;        
  • provide a high quality Teacher Education for future Montessori teachers and support personal growth of every teacher candidate in order that every teacher candidate become an informed, sensitive, inspired and knowledgeable "first class" Montessori teacher;

Admissions Policy



For the Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Education Course and the Montessori Elementary Teacher Education Course the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute is open to motivated persons who have a love for the child and previous experience with children.

For the Montessori Summer Assistant Workshop, the Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute is open to Montessori assistant-teachers, or anyone considering a career in a Montessori learning environment.

The Institute accepts persons without regard to race, colour, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.





The Montessori  Diploma Course is open to motivated persons who have acquired a sound educational background and or who have experience with children.

Two basic non-academic requirements needed to enter the course are "motivation" and "love of children". Regarding the academic requirements, prospective candidate Montessori teachers must have completed, at the minimum, high school with an academic diploma.  Transcripts are requested.

Prior to accepting a prospective candidate, the Directors of the Institute conducts a personal interview with the applicant. During this interview, the applicant usually gives reasons why he/she wishes to receive the Montessori Teacher Education Course. The Director verifies the applicants' personal and professional goals and ascertains how the goals will integrate with working with children in a Montessori learning environment. The interview also focuses on the strengths of the applicant; the prospective role of a Montessori teacher; the approach in working with colleagues or dealing with parents; the philosophy of life regarding children with special needs, handicaps, or gifted, and today's family.

As part of the interview process, the Director invites applicants especially those who do not already work in a Montessori environment to come to a school to observe the "life" of a Montessori teacher in order to reaffirm their choice of becoming a Montessori teacher.

On the registration form, prospective candidates write their experience with children, their talents and interests related to children, and their academic degree completed (transcripts requested). Also on the first day of the Teacher Education courses, each candidate is asked to give his/her expectations about this Teacher Education course explaining his/her personal and/or professional reasons for receiving the Montessori preparation.



Course requirements



In order to qualify for the International Montessori Certification, a teacher candidate must meet accomplish the following requirements:

The teacher candidate must complete all of the assigned essays, Montessori albums, teaching practice file, and material making to meet course assessment requirements

Attendance at the rate of 90% of all classes is required of the teacher candidate and he/she is responsible for obtaining any course material missed because of an excused absence. The teacher candidate will meet with the tutor/lecturer at an appointed time for make-up work or to make arrangements to attend the same class at one or the other location.

The teacher candidate must be working with children in a Montessori learning environment under the supervision of a Certified Montessori teacher and must submit a written evaluation report of his/her Teaching Practice.

Theory essays throughout the year must be turned in for assessment.

Performance evaluations in the form of practical presentations on each of the Montessori avenues are required of every teacher candidate throughout the Montessori Teacher Education course.

Compulsory readings are an integral part of the Montessori Teacher Education course, and each teacher candidate is required to keep a log of their impressions of reading.

An Internship of 400 hours must be completed by the teacher candidate prior to obtaining a full teaching Montessori Diploma. This Internship includes a minimum of 200 clock hours in a Montessori learning environment working directly with children. The teacher candidate may enrol in his/her Internship program after completing a minimum of 60 hours of Teacher Education course.

The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute does not offer job placement services for graduates of the Montessori Teacher Education Courses and, furthermore, does not guarantee employment, salary or occupational advancement.

During the teaching practice the Teaching Practice Coordinator visits the teacher candidate three times on the site of teacher candidate's placement. The Teaching Practice Coordinator's evaluation will constitute a portion of the overall assessment.

It is understood that the Teacher Education Course will give teacher candidates all necessary academic support to enable them to complete their studies, together with such pastoral care as is necessary till the end.

Upon the successful completion of the coursework and final examinations assessed by qualified examiners, the Institute will award the MACTE ( Accredited International Montessori Diploma.




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